-  75% of attendance is compulsory for all the classes.

 -  Absence without any written information for more than ten consecutive days renders the student liable to have her name struck off the roll. Re-admission if granted will be done on payment of Rs.200/-

 -  It is mandatory for all the parents to meet all the subject teachers at least once in a term and whenever there is any need of your personal presence.

 -  Students are required to appear for all the terminal exams, both formative and Summative Assessments.

 -  Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the school. If any child is found carrying a handset, the defaulter will be fined Rs.1000/-and the repetition of the act will lead to the confiscation of the hand set.

 -  The school is not responsible for any valuable item lost in the school.

 -  Parents are requested to ensure that their wards reach school before 7.30 (summer) and 8.00 (winter).
   Please note the late comers will be send back

 -  The students who wish to get their photograph attested by the school must be photographed in their school uniform.

Disciplinary action will be taken by the school over any of the following


 -  Not wearing the prescribed uniform to school

 -  Applying henna and nail polish

 -  Damaging school furniture including scribbling on the furniture and walls.

 -  Carrying large sums of money and expensive items to school.

 -  Students should come to school in clean, neat and proper uniform. Those coming in crumpled or strained uniform will be send back home.

 -  No fancy ear rings and hair clips or costly ornaments should be worn.

 -  The hair style should be very normal. No puff hair style permitted.

 -  Every student must carry her identity card to school.

 -  Students are not allowed to celebrate their birthday in school with cakes ,soft drinks, pastries and other expensive items

 -  Attendance on the first day and last day of the academic session is compulsory.

 -  Leave application is mandatory for those absent from the school. More than two days leave should be sanctioned by the principal for a serious matter.

 -  Students are strictly not allowed to enter other class rooms.